Self Assess for Success

2015-2016 Self Assess For Success

In order to make progress in your future, you must FIRST make time to assess your past.

Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon of setting resolutions for 2016 and I thought I’d share my ritual of Self Assessment for True Multi-Dimensional Success! It’s worked wonders for my roll’s of Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Yogi, Marathoner, TV show host, and various other Multi-Dimensional roles in my life. 

Through answering, reflecting and embodying the upcoming 50 questions truthfully, honestly and without judgement, you will know yourself better than you ever have and you’ll uncover precisely where your efforts will serve you best for a SUCCESSFUL 2016!

Personally, I suggest chunking down these questions into bite size chunks. I aim for 5 questions at a time so I’ve separated them accordingly for you. You’re welcome 😉

Are you Ready? Here we go!

Questions 1-5

1. Looking back on your Goals for 2016, what was it and have I reached it?

2. Have I delivered the best possible quality of service to my clients? If yes, how. If no, why not?

3. How could I have improved any part of my service?

4. Have I delivered the most possible quantity of service that I’m capable of?

5. Has my way of being been harmonious, cooperative and in alignment with my beliefs at all times?

Questions 6-10

6. Have I allowed Procrastination to decrease my efficiency? If so, to what extent?

7. Have I improved my Personality? How so?

8. Have I been persistent in following through on my plans to completion?

9. Have I made decisions promptly and indefinitely? If not, why not?

10. Have I been over cautious? Or under cautious?

Questions 11-15

11. Has the relationship with my associates been pleasant or unpleasant? Has any unpleasantness been my fault?

12. Have I wasted my energy through lack of concentration of my efforts?

13. Have I been open-minded and tolerant with all subjects (people, ideas, circumstances)?

14. In what way have I improved my ability to render the best possible service?

15. Have I lacked any self-control in my habits?

Questions 16-20

16. Have I expressed any form of egotism? If so, when?

17. Have I conducted myself in a way that is respectable by others? Associates, colleagues, family, friends?

18. Have my decisions been based on “guessing” instead of accurate analysis?

19. Have I budgeted my time, income and expenses? Have they been conservative budgets?

20. How much time have I devoted to unprofitable effort?

Questions 21-25

21. How can I re-budget my time and habits so I can be more efficient the coming year?

22. Have I been guilty of any conduct which was not in alignment with my ethics and morals?

23. In what ways have I rendered more and better service than I was paid for?

24. Have I been unfair to anyone and if so, in what way and why?

25. If I had purchased my own services, would I be satisfied with my investment?

Questions 26-30

26. Am I in the right vocation? If not, why not?

27. Has the purchaser of my services/goods been satisfied with my products? If not, why not?

28. Do I complain often of feeling bad? If so, what’s the cause?

29. Do I deliberately avoid the association of anyone? If so, why?

30. Am I envious of those who excel me?

Questions 31-35

31. To which do I devote the most time: thinking of success or failure?

32. Am I gaining or losing self confidence as I grow older?

33. Do I learn something of value from ALL mistakes?

34. Who has the most inspiring influence on me and for what reason?

35. How many preventable disturbances annoy me? Why do I tolerate them?

Questions 36-40

36. Do I have a definite major purpose? If so, what is it and what plan do I have for achieving it?

37. Do I suffer from any of the 6 basic fears? Poverty, criticism, sickness, loss of love, old age, death.

38. Do I use auto-suggestion to make my mind more positive?

39. Am I easily influenced by others against my own better judgement?

40. Can I name 3 of my most damaging weaknesses? What am I doing to correct them?

Questions 41-45

41. Have I learned to create a mental state of mind where I can shield myself from all discouraging influences?

42. What have I learned about myself by studying the friends I keep?

43. Does my religion help to keep my mind positive?

44. Do I assess my daily experiences and take the lessons or influences that aid in my personal advancement?

45. Does my occupation inspire me with faith and hope?

Questions 46-50

46. How much time out of every 24 hours do I devote to my occupation, sleep, play and relaxation, exercise, responsibilities, acquiring useful knowledge, plain wasted time?

47. What is my greatest worry? Why do I tolerate it?

48. Do I usually finish everything I begin?

49. What above ALL else do I desire MOST? Do I intend to acquire it? Am I willing to subordinate all other desires for this one? How much time DAILY do I devote to acquiring it?

50. How much time have I devoted to studying and answering these questions?

That’s it! If you’ve had difficulty answering any of these questions, simply see yourself through the eyes of your closest friend or perhaps have them take a look at your answers and release them from any blame in being completely honest with you.

Remember, you have absolute control over only one thing, that is your thoughts. Choose them wisely and create your Amazing, Successful, Multi-Dimensional Life.