Your Genius Business Plan


Building a business has its challenges, so why make it any harder than you need to? Tapping into your Genius Power within is essential to making the journey a much more enjoyable one—-READ: One that ignites you from within that you can’t NOT work.

This series of Multi-Dimensional Success Strategies will have you experience first hand how you can tap into your Genius Power Within and make every step towards building your business a step that is fuelled with passion, fire and determination.

Get ready to infuse your essential YOU in every plan, procedure, or expedient for achieving your desired end result. Your essence will embody every mode of procedure for gaining advantage or success by connecting with you innermost innate power.

Your Genius Within.

Let’s begin at the start. To thrive in business you NEED a PLAN. Yes, a Business plan. Whether you are a one woman show or are the head of a million dollar operation, without a plan your efforts may appear to lead in the right direction, but sooner or later expenses and lack of direction can lead to wasted and lost money and time.

Begin with a condensed version of a Business Plan. Each section has the ability to take up a full if not multiple pages depending on how clear and definite you desire it to be.

7 Step Business Plan

1. START WITH WHY. Why do you do what you do? And, Why do YOU need to do it? Connect it inwardly, clarify precisely WHY you have been chosen to share this with the world. Starting with your Why is essential in keeping you on track when derailment hits. Every entrepreneur has had their share of non effective days but when your “Why” is so defined, so thought out, so much a part of you, there will be NO STOPPING YOU!

2. NEXT IS HOW WILL YOU DO IT. How do you do what you do? Once you define Why you do what you do, the “How” will be close behind. However, I want you to pay close attention how you are infusing the secret power only you have and OWN IT! There are only so many different types of businesses out there and what will make YOURS stand out is the underlying tone you infuse into it. It may be difficult to define or choose which mode of business you’ll use to carry out your Why and it is here that I help guide my clients on the path they are meant to take. Through diving deep into your passions, identifying which you are best suited for and thorough exercises practiced during your sessions you’ll discover and define “How” you can make your talents work for you.

3. WHAT METHOD WILL YOU CHOOSE. What do you do? Describe in simple terms “What” you do which brings you income. Think in terms of explaining them to a second grader. Keep it simple and don’t try to over explain the method. It’s a common mistake to define “What” you do in terms so meaningful (to you) that the actual action is difficult to see. Pay close attention to connecting with your inner gut feelings and make certain the “what” is in alignment with your values, ethics and desires.

4. CONFLICTS AND RESOLUTIONS. Think in terms of how your Client may react. This exercise may bring about multiple “problems” you have “solutions” for, and that’s the point, better to be prepared for the inevitable questions you’ll be fielding. Doing this exercise may uncover the ability for multiple revenue streams. Not all ideas have to be part of your action plan to start, but it will be good to have some ideas available to incorporate into your business once you get started.

5. IDEAL CLIENT. You won’t sell anything unless you know who you are servicing. This step is crucial and of utmost importance in building a thriving business. Having the ability to define precisely who you desire to work with is an empowering exercise in and of itself. YOU have the power to say who you want to work with and who you don’t want to bother with. Getting clear on your Ideal Client will make the process of marketing your goods and services clearly and definitely. Ultimately helping you brand yourself in the proper way so that you can attract the clients you seek.

6. BRAND YOU. What’s your secret sauce? What makes you unique? What sets you apart from everyone else? This exercise may find you spinning as you may believe ‘I don’t have a unique idea ’or ‘Everything I want to do has already been done before’. However, this is precisely where your zone of Genius comes in. What I can offer you here is to realize no one, NO ONE, can offer what you have to offer because
they are not YOU. Your gifts, achievements, challenges, experiences, talents, personality and character are uniquely yours.

7. PRICING STRATEGY AND MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS. How exactly will income find its way into your bank account? First, a fair amount of market research will be needed to decipher what your target market is willing to spend on your offerings. Conduct interviews, post surveys, ask people around you that fit your Ideal Client Avatar. Don’t be shy to ask “What would you be willing to invest in such product?” Next, you will be able to decide what you will offer to fulfill their needs and at prices they will be willing to pay. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm for awhile here. If there is a way to financial abundance, it is through the application of multiple revenue streams.